July 14, 2013

Campana Rokkatei, Furano

Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭) is a newly opened cafe, gallery and shop by one of the finest and most famous sweets and confectionery brands in Japan – Rokkatei. Located on an elevated site that overlooks the Taisetsu mountain range in the midst of a picturesque landscape in Furano, Hokkaido, Campana Rokkatei not only serves its usual range of sweets and biscuits (and its popular complimentary cup of coffee), it also offers a unique experience that is quite unlike the architecture of the usual sweet shop.

The approach takes one on a scenic journey along a gentle winding driveway, arriving at a gravelled entrance plaza before the main building. Appearing almost secondary to its wondrous landscape, the architecture of Campana Rokkatei is unobtrusive yet beautiful. While it quietly establishes a sequence of experience that allows one to participate in drama of the space, it also prepares one for the gastronomic adventure that lays ahead.

[photos: © angelus novus]