July 23, 2013

Savour the love at Picnic restaurant, Niseko

Picnic is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Niseko. It is almost impossible to find, hardly publicised, and it is not on Niseko's best restaurants list... yet – we think. But it is one of the most special places we have been to since arriving at Niseko.

Picnic is located in the midst of a sprawling, well-tended garden, filled with beautiful flowers and herbs. A decagonal-shaped cottage with a double-storey entrance way that connects the garden into a immaculate, well-lit, homely space, where one is greeted warmly by an elegant lady, who is the owner and chef of the restaurant. Rather than being the customer at a restaurant, one would feel like a special guest in this charming space. Anywhere one is seated – in a private dining room upstairs or at a communal table at the lower level – one is able to savour a gourmet 8-course entreĆ© with a salmon pate or Philly steak sandwich in a basket with a spectacular view of the landscape beyond. At the entrance, one would find in a basket 2 pairs of scissors and some ribbon ties for one to take home some flowers and herbs as mementoes of one's meal at Picnic.

There's an overwhelming feeling of love and joviality at this place – everything is super fresh, home-made and delicious. If the idea of a picnic is manifested into space, this could probably be it. 

[photos: © angelus novus]